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Why is My Talking Tom So Popular?

(Editor:Caffy 2/6/2015)

  9game provided: There is no doubt that My Talking Tom is one of the most popular and successful casual games all over the world.It makes differences to many players and even the whole casual games world.So why does My Talking Tom become such a popular game?Here,9game shares you some opinions about what we think about this game. 

    TOM THE TALKING CAT:  "my lovely wife loves this app"  The boys of ours really do!
 Talking Tom is not just a cat who will parrot your every word in a modulated tone but an almost real pet of you.You have your own Talking Tom pet,you decorate its warm house,you feed it,you play with it,and you grow it from a little kitten to an adult cat.
  It acts as a real pet of you,having its emotion and repeat your words like a humorous friend.

 Players of My Talking Tom like this game because it makes them feel like petting a real cat,it accompanies with them and make them happy.
In addition,many busy-working people want to pet a real cat or dog,but they have no time to pay more attention to take care of these pets.Therefore,My Talking Tom can bring them to experience the life of petting a pet.

 All above are some of the reasons for why My Talking Tom is so popular.What do you think?Any other reasons?
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