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Raise a Cat

(Editor:Andy 9/19/2014)
raise a cat and understand it like  My Talking Tom( on 9game ), 

1. teaching it basic commands.
It is important to establish key words that your cat can become familiar with, words such as come, down and no are crucial in the overall development of your pet. These are words that will turn her into a better pet and will play a key role in that communication process. Other key words such as dinner or treat will allow your cat to associate you with something positive. While you can choose any phrase that you like for your cat to associate a treat with, it is important to only reward good behavior, and also to always use a high pitched and appropriate tone of voice.

2cats rarely use vocal communication with other cats,
as they will normally save this type of interaction with humans. This says a lot because it signifies a cats willingness to be responsive and lets you know that you are who the cat wishes to be communicative with. Cats have a variety of ways in which they choose to interact, often times responding to different situations with different body movements.

3They will combine facial expression, tail and ear position, paw placement and other forms of body language with their natural abilities of scent and smell.
These God given ways of communicating are important for you to pick up on, just as it is important for your cat to pick up your signs of communication, this allows you to recognize when your cat is trying to verbalize something to you and will help bridge that gap in communication.

4 understand your cat whenever possible. This is an acquired skill that will give your feline the ability to trust you in an honest way. He or she will learn that you understand their needs and are there for them completely.

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