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the Way to Communicate With Your Cat

(Editor:Andy 9/12/2014)

If you have ever play the popular game series My Talking Tom( on 9game ), you have most likely set around and wondered what it would be like to communicate with your beloved pets.

No doubt wondering what they would talk about, what they would say to you about various situations among many other things. How many times have you asked yourself the question, what could your pet be thinking?
This is a thought that has most likely come across your mind at some point or another, especially if you have a cat.

Due to their ever so mysterious personalities, we have all sometimes thought about what it would be like to know what exactly is going through their heads.
While we will never exactly know what that is, there are in fact several ways to communicate with your cat. Knowing the right way to go about opening up the communication airways with your cat is a very important step in developing that special bond between the two of you.
This is a tedious process that should not be taken lightly; you are developing communication with your cat, not training them to join the circus. Keeping that in mind, you can establish a special bond with your pet that will go far beyond the average pet and owner relationship.

The first step in initiating quality communication with your cat is to start out by teaching it basic commands.
It is important to establish key words that your cat can become familiar with, words such as come, down and no are crucial in the overall development of your pet. These are words that will turn her into a better pet and will play a key role in that communication process. Other key words such as dinner or treat will allow your cat to associate you with something positive. While you can choose any phrase that you like for your cat to associate a treat with, it is important to only reward good behavior, and also to always use a high pitched and appropriate tone of voice.

One thing to remember is that cats rarely use vocal communication with other cats, as they will normally save this type of interaction with humans. This says a lot because it signifies a cats willingness to be responsive and lets you know that you are who the cat wishes to be communicative with. Cats have a variety of ways in which they choose to interact, often times responding to different situations with different body movements.

They will combine facial expression, tail and ear position, paw placement and other forms of body language with their natural abilities of scent and smell. These God given ways of communicating are important for you to pick up on, just as it is important for your cat to pick up your signs of communication, this allows you to recognize when your cat is trying to verbalize something to you and will help bridge that gap in communication.

It is very important for you to have the ability to understand your cat whenever possible. This is an acquired skill that will give your feline the ability to trust you in an honest way. He or she will learn that you understand their needs and are there for them completely.

In doing this you will need to be very familiar with your cat’s specific breed and what kind of cat it really is. Know where it came from, its tendencies, it likes and dislikes and any other information that you can gather. You should also understand that different breeds of cats have different ways of communication; there simply isn’t a one way for all type of policy here. For example, oriental breeds are very vocal with their desires, as well as with their affection. They have extensive vocabularies and are very willing to verbally communicate at all times. Other breeds will speak vary rarely and are much more reserved.

They do however communicate in good time and will express their desires in one form or another. Often times this will be through extensive body language that could be very amusing. Then there is another group of cats who have a universal cry to let you know of their demands, often times using their tone of voice as their primary source of communication. For example, if they are agitated or angry, you may hear a meow that sounds somewhat distressful or loud even; or if they are relaxed and comfortable, you will hear a soft meow. Taking the time to closely observe these different sounds is crucial and extremely important to your main goal. Whatever style of communication that your beloved pet is the most comfortable with, it is necessary to at least distinguish the difference in whether or not it wants to play, eat or if it could be in distress.

As the communication process continues to evolve between you and your cat, it is important that you assist the animal as much as possible to understand you. You want to be as consistent as possible with your pet, you want them to get very familiar with what you perceive as good and bad behavior. You want to create a clear message of what is bad behavior good behavior. Using appropriate voice controls is the best way to accomplish this. As mentioned before, using a cute high pitched voice when it is time for a treat, or when good behavior is exhibited, teaches the cat that it was good and it will appreciate that. On the other hand, when it does something bad, you want to use a firm deep voice that will alert the animal that its actions are not acceptable. If you use the same voice all the time, the cat will become confused and will never learn the differences in its actions. It will also not learn when it is time to eat, or any other key messages. However, it is important to use the same voice tone every time so your pet will memorize that unique voice and will know what it means.

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