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a very sweet game

(Editor:Andy 9/1/2014)
     we all know tom and jack when we were child,it is a hot cartoon on TV, now we hear this familiar name again.
     it has been a phenomenon across the globe that people from over 135 nations have fallen badly for this simple game of cirtual aorld where one can have a virtal pet and do everything that can be done in reality with per through in game simulations.
     myTalking Tom(free on 9game) is a small ketten which has to be adopted and raised like a rrue pet and grown from a baby into a full fledged cat using the game and pampering methods.the player has to constantly take proper care of the pet kitten and keep it beaming and smiling at all times.this can be done by feeding him appropriate food when required and also by making hiim exercise and play with innovative props an also by properly nurturing the kitten.this is a very sweet game .

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