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My Talking Tom Review

if you like game with pets and also mimic – interactive games, then My Talking Tom may be your perfect choice. Here,9game choose a reviews about My Talking Tom for you:


Music: The sounds you hear in this game is not as much music as it is sounds of your virtual cat, sometimes they are happy sounds and other times sad sounds. You will really love how the cat comes to life by expressing emotions, such as when you feed it and it smiles, or when it needs to ask you to go to the bathroom. You will really have fun listening to your little virtual kitten grow up into a full grown adult cat, so music and sounds in My Talking Tom gets a 8/10 because of the cuteness of it all.

Gameplay: The gameplay in My Talking Tom is very fun and enjoyable, and you will not find any lag or server errors, which is a good thing. You will really enjoy playing this game because there is so much customization available to you, especially as you progress through the game and unlock more options. You will have fun in the mini games, although there isn’t much to them, but it’s the connection between you and your quickly-growing kitten that is the main part of the game. The gameplay itself gets a 8/10 because it’s simple and fun, which makes you keep coming back to play with your very own virtual cat.

Graphics: Graphically, even though this game is simple, it’s still pretty impressive. You will notice a lot of the details in the kitten, meaning the eyes and the fur and almost everything about the cat looks real. It’s fun to play the mini games and see the cat chasing the mouse, and you can see the details in the food as well. There is a huge shop where you can purchase different foods for your cat using the coins, although a lot of the items are locked until you progress far enough in the game, and until your cat is old enough to eat those foods. There is just so much detail and customization in the food and the clothing, fur, and eyes for the cat that you will really be impressed at the level of thought that went into the game. This game gets a 9/10 on graphics just due to all of the attention to detail in basically every aspect you can imagine, and the further you are in the game, the more things you can customize and unlock.

When you first start up My Talking Tom, you have to enter a name for your pet, but you need to be careful because the name cannot be changed once it’s put on there. You are also shown your pet and basically dive right into playing, although there is a short tutorial to help guide you through the first few steps, such as feeding your kitten and then allowing him to go to the bathroom. You will notice that My Talking Tom is similar to the old virtual pets that were popular in the 1990s, but it’s all digital and there is a lot more to this game than the Tamagotchi pets.

The bottom of your screen shows you all of the information you need to keep track of, such as if your kitten needs food or go to the bathroom, and the happy face tells you whether your kitten needs attention or not. If your kitten needs attention, you can play various mini games, which gives you coins for happiness and winning the game.

Later as you progress in the game, you can use the coins to customize your kitten. You can get different clothing, eyes, and change his fur with the coins. This is one of the best parts of the game, because you can customize your cat anyway you want, which is nice because you and a friend can have this game downloaded, but your cat might look completely different than the one your friend has. You will really enjoy watching your kitten grow up before your eyes, which happens with every time you feed it, give it attention, and put it to bed. When the icons at the bottom are completely covered, this indicates that it’s at 100%, which means your cat does not need any of that for the time being. You will notice that as you play with your cat, he will get hungry, which means you will need to stop and feed him, and then he will need to go to the bathroom.

The best part about this game is that when you play with your cat or feed him, he will start talking and his eyes will light up, and you will see him smiling. This game is very personal and it feels like you are really owning this cat, because he needs almost everything a real cat needs, and grows just like a real cat. The more you play and progress through the game, the more options you can unlock, which means you start out with limited items, then you can unlock all of the things you need to customize your cat as much as you want. If you keep the sound on the whole time, you might get a little annoyed with the cat talking all of the time, but it’s still cute and fun, just sometimes you might want to mute him.


The mini games are fun and you have a lot of ways you can earn coins, but the game itself is pretty simple, which is good since you can pick it up and put it down when you want. The game isn’t so much about detail as much as it is about personalization and getting to feel involved with your pet. You will feel like this is your real cat seeing it grow and giving it attention, and this is what the game is all about. This game is fun but yet simple, so it’s all fairly easy to get the hang of, except sometimes your cat wants attention but you have to put him to bed so he gets some rest. Overall, this is just one of those simple games that is fun for adults and kids, especially if you have a love of cats or animals in general. This is also a great learning tool for children to learn about what it takes to take care of a pet and be a responsible pet owner. The details in the game are really good, between the customization abilities and the mini games, and all of the small things you need to do in order to keep your cat healthy.

Overall: Overall this is one of those addictive and simple games that keeps you coming back for more. This game isn’t about intense graphics or various mini games, but it is more about developing a personal connection to this virtual kitten that you raise into an adult cat. You spend time with him playing games, feeding him, taking him to the bathroom, and putting him into bed, so you literally are taking care of him like you would a real cat. The level of detail and ability to customize the cat and the features of the cat makes this game worth downloading. The sounds the cat makes when he is happy or needs something is also very cute, so it’s just a fun and cute game all the way around. If you love cats then this is the perfect game for you or if you are into virtual animal ownership. Overall this game gets a 9/10 because you will be amazed at the level of detail in such a simple game.

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