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(Editor:Abbey 7/29/2015)

Do you like pets? yes? Then why don't you play My Talking Tom, the casual game which is popular now! Today 9game will provide you some useful tips of My Talking Tom to help you gain more pleasures in the game.

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Free Coins

There are lots of coin-earning activities in the game. but you can also take part in a few promotional offers. The biggest promotional offer is to enable Push Notifcations under the Free Coins option in the cash store. This gives you 500 coins, although you will get notifcations every time your cat wants attention. Playing other games, and watching videos reward less coins, but both option are in the same area of the cash store if you want to find out more.

There are other methods to earn free coins too, such as enabling push notifications. Go to the in game store, and hit the offer button that offers you free coins, and you will be able to see what all of these tasks are. More tasks get added as the developers update the game.

Redecorating the Kitchen

Tap on the shopping trolley icon, and then tap on the Kitchen. Here you can change the wallpaper, blinds, refrigerator type and tablecloth. These are only cosmetic changes, so you may find you want to spend your coins elsewhere first. Certain items only become available when you have reached a certain level.


You can give your cat a hat, glasses, change his fur type, and the color of his eyes. Again, you can only buy certain outfits when you have reached a certain level.


Speed up the gaining of experience levels by buying the right kind of furniture. Look for the furniture with a specific tag next to it, such as “0.4x” or “0.8x” to increase the multiplier. You will unlock  better furniture as you gain experience levels so it may be worth saving up on coins so you can buy furniture you want to keep for a long time rather than something you are going to replace in a matter of days.

Have you remember these My Talking Tom  tips and guides above? Try it right now, 9game promise you ,it will help you look after your cat better!

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