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(Editor:Abbey 7/29/2015)

Do you like pets? yes? Then why don't you play My Talking Tom, the casual game which is popular now! Today 9game will provide you some useful tips of My Talking Tom to help you gain more pleasures in the game.

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Changing Your Cat's Name

Make sure that the name you select at the begining of the game is the name you really want, as you cant reset it once you have chosen.

Playing With Your Cat

It is not as simple as feeding and sheltering your cat, it also needs some attention. To play with your cat, tap on him and his play time happiness will work its way up towards 100%. Once you reach 100% move on to something else until he wants attention again.


Unlike other games of this nature, you do not have to worry about timing at all. Keep spamming finger taps on the busiest lane and you will catch all the mice. To get some coins, just keep tapping on the lane and they will eventually move up towards Tom, once they are nearby another tap will win you the cash.

Despite the fact that the red mouse appears to be going faster, it will come at the same rate as the other mice so don't be fooled!

Sleepy Cat

Your cat needs plenty of rest and this can be pretty boring. Anytime you go off to do something other than play the game, head to the bed section and let your cat get some shut eye whilst your absent. You must make sure the light switch is off by tapping on the lampshade or your cat wont sleep.

It’s best to put the cat to bed when its energy reaches something like 70%, so that you are not waiting around for him to wake up. Sometimes however, his energy levels will decrease before you can intervene and if so you can skip the bore by setting the time ahead on your phone or other device, and then going back to the app. 

Getting More Food

It is easy to overfeed your cat in Talking Tom, as even though he or she is at 100% they still accept food and waste it. Keep a close eye on the hunger levels and top us as needed, rather than feeding when they are at 100%.

For the special treats, go to the kitchen and then tap anywhere on the screen that isn't your cat. Different foods, potions and treats have different impacts on your cat's hunger levels, so make sure you know what bonuses are available to help you solve a problem you may be having.

Have you remember these My Talking Tom  tips and guides above? Try it right now, 9game promise you ,it will help you look after your cat better!

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