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9game proivdes you with a funny casual game called My Talking Tom, and a link where you can download it officially. It's time to give you some tips which can help you take a good care of you Tom. If you a looking for more action game, please click here
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My Talking Tom allows you to be a virtual cat owner, except that unlike cats in real life, your new tomcat will actually talk. Other than the talking aspect, you also have to feed your cat, put it to sleep, take it to the bathroom, and play with it. You can even purchase all new fur and eyes for the cat, new furniture, new toys for the cat to play with, and more using the coins found in the game.

Hammer mice and collect coins

You can also play the mini game with the cat where you hammer mice and collect coins. Whenever you see a coin on a line, hitting that line with the hammer advances the coin one more space until you finally collect the coin. Whether there is a mouse there or not, you can advance the coin using the hammer, and each use of the hammer will earn you points, regardless of whether or not there is a mouse there to hit.

Earning unlimited coins

You will earn a lot of bonus points for taking care of your cat, but it takes a while until your cat is ready to have food, go to sleep, go to the bathroom, and whatever else you need to do to take care of it. Speed that process along by setting the time ahead on your phone or tablet. Then, go back to the app and the cat will be ready to get taken care of.
Even better, this process will not reverse itself when you set the time back to normal. So you can do this trick as many times as you want without having to set your phone to some ridiculous time where other apps stop working right. Remember this trick, it will help you earn essentially unlimited coins.Doing this will also help your cat gain levels quickly.

The best time to put your cat to bed

Your cat sleeping is one of the most tedious things to wait for in the game. If you don’t want to do the trick where you set the time ahead, then put your cap to bed, shut the app off and go do something else for a while. Your cat will restore about 1% per minute when it comes to sleep, and it will gain experience points as it sleeps. It’s best to put the cat to bed when its energy reaches something like 70%, so that you don’t have to wait forever for your cat to wake back up.

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