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For Parents and Kids - My Talking Tom

(Editor:Caffy 12/25/2014)
Here,9game provides you with something that parents need to know and what kids can learn from the hottest casual game my talking tom.

Parents need to know:
Parents need to know that Talking Tom Cat is a virtual pet program. An alley cat will parrot your every word in a modulated tone. Kids will get a kick out of the altered voice, but parents might quickly reach for a bottle of aspirin. The free game is incredibly aggressive with its in-app purchase offers and runs ads at the top of the screen constantly. Those apps unlock additional actions, which include the cat passing gas.

Kids can learn:
Talking Tom Cat wasn't created with educational intent, and we don't recommend it for learning. However, some teachers have noted it can be useful for special needs students who aren't speaking yet or who may have trouble forming words correctly.

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