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Why Cats Named Tom?

(Editor:Caffy 12/9/2014)
I beg you must know the hot casual game - My Talking Tom,if you have never heard,you can download and have a try on 9game.

However,what I want to talk about today is not the game,but the cat named Tom.I beg again that you must be familiar with the name "Tom".

Because you may heard "Tom" from the cartoon "Tom and Jerry",yeah,that stupid and naughty cat.

Or if you are a software engineering worker,you may heard about a software "Tomcat".

I  am curious about why cats usually named Tom,but not John,Jack,Mat,Steven...

I look for it on wiki,finally I found that "Tom" also mean "a male cat"!!!

Oooook!! I see,it blame on me,I know about cat so little.

Its fat face smiling to u:I am Tom!

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