Safari Sniper Survival Hunting

Safari Sniper Survival Hunting

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Safari Sniper Survival Hunting

Safari Sniper Survival Hunting

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Hunt for real animals in Hunting Safari now! It is time to load out your weapons and get your 5 star shooting fix! Come of age, like a real hunter, improve your tracking skills, stalk your prey, and put your hunting skills to the test in the hunt of real wild animals. Don't let the deer escape. Lonely survival on a wild island. Utilizing the Army lone Survival skills for shooting to survive and fight against animals and find escape from the hunted Island. Hunt rather than getting hunted. Utilize your action, fighting and shooting skill to escape. Aim and hit the Deer. It’s a deadly mission on deadly shores to survive. Plan the Mission to escape from the dangerous Island to survive and return back home. Brace yourself for the ultimate Deer hunting experience.
In this game you can hunt different wild animals like Deer-stage, zebra, Elephant, Tiger, Lioness, Lion, Hyena, Hippopotamus and Buffalos. Infect you are in the middle of a situation on jungle island surrounded by the earth’s oldest creatures. You are equipped with a sniper rifle to hunt the wild beasts. In deer hunting games you just have to shoot deer with your gun or riffles but in lion and wild animal, hunting these animal can attack on you and can kill you. As you shooting and killing the animals you will get more guns that will help you survive from lost Island! Show your shooting and hunting skills. Hunt animals & escape life safeguard missions.
Arm yourself with shotguns, pistols, assault rifles and the latest military gear. Will you become a famous big-game hunter that kills the big five of bear, elephant, and bufallo? Escape from an Island like a real survival hero to struggle for your freedom. Survival land adventures begins with a hard time from lost Island along with wilder tiger. Go for hunting adventure and sedate angry bear before it attacks and kills you.
Beware! The wild beasts can attack on you for their meal Fight the savage targeted missions & attack to save your life. Hard time escape and kill shots animals using your hunting simulator skills. Use 1st person assault shooting to evolve as brave hunting warrior in this thrilling adventures game for a life escape mission. Test your sniper skills by choosing targets carefully; or go into assault mode as you clear the forest of the wild beasts! Survive the jungle, test your temperament and behold the trophy in Jungle Sniper. Trap carnivore and predator animal in forest. Use all the possible tools and weapons to defend yourself from wilderness creature.
Game Features
• 10+ real animals, 6 deadly weapons and multiple missions.
• Realistic Shooting with Guns effects, animations and sounds.
• Efficient gun control and Camera zoom to get accurate shots.
• Wilderness of Assault shooting guns to kill.
This is the perfect hunter simulator for you to play and it's totally free! Your Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us. Thank You!



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