Forest Hunting Season 2016

Forest Hunting Season 2016

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Forest Hunting Season 2016

Forest Hunting Season 2016

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Are you interested in Forest Hunt? Then get ready for Forest Hunt! Choose your weapon Jungle Sniper. choose a hideout in wild jungle so wild animals not get noticed your presence.
Whether you want to hunt lions, hunt cheetahs & tigers, Stag, Deer or Bear, this forest hunting game gives you all, and invites you to take the challenge if you can prove to be the best animal hunter in the forest. Hunting is not easy thing in real life and especially in the jungle (forest) among wild animals that can kill you. Be aware of dangerous and wild predators while aiming on all kinds of animals like Hippo's, Lions, Crocodiles, Sheep's, Goats, Deer's, Stags, Zebra's and many more!
Unlock new snipers, handguns, shotguns and even automatic weapons in the weapon store! This wild hunting season, be part of the real hunter simulator and reach your hunting jungle animals venue first, choose, target, aim and shoot the best game.
The Jungle is full of wild and hungry animals So you will have to put all your animal hunter and tiger hunting skills to practice to be the best hunter of 2016.
In this 3D Forest Animal Hunting Game you can perform exception sniper hunting and make your hunting day full of enjoyment.
Game features:-
- Totally FREE to play.
- Unlock all kinds of weapons.
- 20 levels with all a different difficulty.
- Cool 3D animal animations and simulations.
- Maybe you win a cool trophy when you finish the game!
- User friendly and easy to control.
- Realistic forest environment .



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